Dr. Nazir P. Kherani

Principle Investigator

Dr. Nazir P. Kherani is a jointly-appointed Professor in the Departments of Electrical & Computer
Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering, at the University of Toronto where he leads the Advanced
Photovoltaics-Photonics and Devices Research Laboratories, pursuing R&D activities in the areas of thin film
semiconductors and nanostructured materials and devices - device physics, photonic crystals, optics,
plasmonics. Application areas include photonic-plasmonic materials/devices, photovoltaics, active and
passive smart energy control coatings, micropower sources and solar fuels. Dr. Kherani has extensive industry
experience including technology development and commercialization. He contemporaneously proposed and
patented the back amorphous-crystalline silicon heterojunction solar cell which today holds the world-record
at 26.7% photovoltaic conversion efficiency. More recently, Dr. Kherani has contributed extensively to the
development of nano-materials and devices that have led to co-founding a UofT spinoff 3E Nano Inc.
Dr. Kherani received his B.A.Sc. (Hons) in Engineering Science in 1982, M.A.Sc. in Nuclear Reactor Physics
in 1983, and Ph.D. in Solid State and Experimental Radiation Physics in 1994, from the University of
Toronto (U of T). He held the positions of Scientist-Engineer and Senior Scientist-Engineer at the Research
Division of Ontario Hydro during the period 1983 to 2000; during this period, he undertook two industrial
research sabbaticals, at Los Alamos National Laboratory (1986) and at Institute for Plasma Physics,
Kernforschungsanalage J├╝lich, Germany (1987), and completed his doctoral research (1990-1993). In 2002 he
joined the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at U of T as a limited-term appointed
Associate Professor, and in 2006 was jointly appointed as an Associate Professor in the Departments of
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering at U of T. He was promoted to the
rank of full professor in 2014. Dr. Kherani has co-authored over 250 publications including 8 generic patents
and 1 textbook, is a recipient of a number of awards including the Engineering Medal - Research and
Development (Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
(OSPE)), Early Researcher Award (Ontario Innovation and Research), and is a life Fellow of the Canadian
Academy of Engineering, Life Fellow of the American Physical Society (Industrial and Applied Physics), and
Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.o.